What We Fear Most May Help Keep Us Alive

Photo by Matt Draper
Photo by Matt Draper

Let’s get the pandemic under control by learning from sharks

Image: Sharklet / Copyright © — All rights reserved

Why spiders’ death traps are gifts for disappearing birds

Photo by Solvin Zankl @solvinzankl

How snakes help us live better — even on Mars

Photo by Alexander Semenov @aquatilis_expedition

How brainless jellyfish push us to rethink exploration

Photo by Pierre Anquet

Outsmarting the next pandemic with skeletons

Golden staph bacteria being ruptured by black silicon nanoneedles, an anti-bacterial surface inspired by insect wings (image magnified 30,000 times) | Credit: RMIT University
Photo by Xavi Bou @xavibou captures several seconds of starlings’ flight and stitches them together into a single frame

What swarms teach us about leadership (without having a leader)

Photo by Bogdan Panait

The unlikely designer disrupting fashion

Why we’re better off if our epoch goes extinct



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