This Earth Day, Invest in Our Planet and AskNature

We’ve designed a new guide to help you introduce the primary lessons to any age or discipline that is not yet familiar with the concept of biomimicry. Introducing: The Community Guide to Putting Nature Back into Human Nature. The best way to make global change happen is to start with a local approach. This guide serves as a way to bring biomimicry into your community so you can feel empowered to spread hope and action.

Taking Biomimicry Practice to the Next Level

While the new community guide serves as an introduction to the basics of biomimicry, if you’d like to accelerate your own learning journey, here are some resources to help.

Hear from Professionals in the New Biomimicry Biographies

In January, our Youth Education team kicked off a 6-part series featuring professionals that offer future practitioners of biomimicry sound advice. The goal of this series aims to help young learners and adults alike to share their work as biomimics, and how this framework has changed their careers and personal lives. Watch their short videos and read their interviews here: Biomimicry Biographies.

The Astrobiofuturist, Billy Almon, kicks us off with the first of the 6-part Biomimicry Biographies series as he explains in the video below how important it is for one to listen and to build relationships, because that is how we, the people of Earth, can begin to improve the planet.



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