Learning from Nature –
It’s Good for Business

It is time that we start looking at a company’s connection to nature in the same way we look at their bookkeeping or strategic planning.

There is no better way to understand the human impacts of our companies and products than by directly visiting some of the most biodiverse sites in the world.

Reconnect to Nature

When we live in cities and work in front of screens, we forget that nature is always evolving and solving complex challenges.

Building Community

Colonies of bees and ants make collectively brilliant decisions by tirelessly gathering information. In a similar way, startups need to collect useful information about their potential customers and prototypes in order to minimize their risk and make informed decisions.

Startup Next Steps

When a tree falls in the jungle, it is a tragic loss, but also provides an opportunity for hundreds if not thousands of other species to thrive. There will be a transition period where species fight for resources, but eventually a new tree (or sometimes several) will take its place



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