6 Innovations Shaped by the Most Powerful Force on Earth

Photo by Ray Collins

Futuristic secrets from a billion-year-old

What if we could mimic a coral’s ability to build a reef in order to clean up one of the dirtiest, hardest-to-green (and growing) industries? | (STUNNING!) mushroom coral and Galaxea fascicularis photographs by Silvie De Burie

1. How coral skeletons help build future cities

If the mantis shrimp was in the Olympics, they’d win gold for their ability to pack a punch. Now, innovators are mimicking their superpower to inspire tougher, lighter, cheaper, greener composite materials. | Photography by Christian Gloor

2. What a shrimp teaches us about mastering materials from helmets to turbines

A dolphin’s unique ability to communicate across long distances under water, even in chaotic ocean conditions, has attracted scientists and innovators and may predict the next natural disaster | Photograph by Shane Gross

3. How dolphins can help predict the next tsunami

Oysters are the inspiration behind restoring key marine habitats and coastal community resilience | Photograph by GROW Oyster Reef

4. How an oyster can help save your life

A real-deal wonder material that helps tackle the plastic and climate crisis now exists thanks to an invisible ocean organism. | Photography by Warren Keelan

5. Could invisible organisms create a new breed of plastic that improves the world?

Manta rays dance through the water, and now, their graceful ways are literally taking to the skies.
Image: Arturo de Frias Marques | Wikimedia Commons / CC BY SA — Creative Commons Attribution + ShareAlike

6. How manta rays inspire flying machines

Photograph by Andy Mann

Biomimicry: Where overlooked masterpieces get the attention they deserve



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