5 Nature-Inspired Ways to Do Good This Giving Tuesday

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4 min readNov 22, 2022


The countdown to the biggest celebration of generosity has begun. Next Tuesday, November 29, communities worldwide are joining together to support a cause, issue area, culture, or identity. Giving Tuesday is a day that encourages people to do good, and this simple idea kickstarts the holiday season with a tone of selfless kindness.

Every act of generosity matters, and everyone has something to contribute in creating a nature-positive and regenerative society. Below are 5 ways you can support the biomimicry movement this Giving Tuesday.

The best way to make sustainable changes happen at a global scale is to start with a local approach. Check out this introductory guide to learn how you can bring biomimicry into your community so you can feel empowered to spread hope and action through nature-inspired thinking and practice.

Access the guide here.

AskNature is a field guide to the natural world, designed to draw your eye to what we can learn from nature (not just what we can learn about it). We take the jargon out of biological research so that students, designers, engineers, and nature enthusiasts can learn how to emulate these strategies in their designs.

We want to keep this database–that contains thousands of strategies–free and we need your help to do that. When you give to the Biomimicry Institute, you are helping our team of science writers expand this knowledge and help more people design sustainable solutions.

Donate and help us grow AskNature.

At a time of grim environmental predictions, biomimicry presents a much-needed and hopeful message for our youth to be part of the solution. By becoming a coach for a group of middle or high school students in your family or community, you can help empower tomorrow’s problem-solvers to think differently about nature, engineering, and the future.

Learn more about becoming a coach.

There are many examples of biomimicry offering promising solutions to act on climate change and other pressing issues of our time. In this curated playlist, explore 2–3-minute animated videos that help explain the benefits of biomimicry in real case studies. These startup teams supported through our Ray of Hope Prize program are armed with nature’s billions of years of research and development and are uniquely suited to address critical environmental and social issues at scale.

Explore and share biomimicry examples.

It can be that simple. When we quiet our minds and reset our nervous systems by spending time outside, we are better equipped to choose better decisions in our daily lives. (Re)Connect as a practice in biomimicry encourages us to observe and spend time in nature to understand how life works so that we may have a better ethos to emulate biological strategies in our designs.

If you need help with inspiration, check out 30 Days of Reconnection. It offers some of our favorite biomimicry activities that you can explore at home or in your neighborhood.

Whether you’re able to support this Giving Tuesday with time, resources, or by simply coming home to the natural world and offering gratitude, we appreciate you. This work is a marathon, not a sprint, and it takes all of us to do our part in behaving as if this world is our’s to support–or to lose. We believe we can design our way out of climate catastrophe. We hope you’ll join us.



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